Benefits of Frankincense

Instructions on how to use frankincense in various forms for holistic healing.

What is Frankincense used for and what are the benefits?
The Royal Green Omani Hojari Frankincense is an aromatic resin harvested from the Boswellia Sacra tree from Salalah- Oman. The Omani Hojari Luban also known as Frankincense or Olibanum Resin, is considered the best frankincense in the world. It is treated equivalent to gold, the value of Omani frankincense fluctuates based on demand and supply and the season’s availability. It is a true treasure shared around the world. 

It has a unique ability to purify an environment, bringing in peace, calmness & tranquility.

Many Omanis including myself use it in various ways for several health benefits. 

There are different ways to use the Omani Hojari Frankincense: 

1- Submerge 2-3 medium size pieces of resin overnight in 330 ml water and drinking the water on an empty stomach early morning (if you have any illnesses please consult a doctor prior to starting). 


– Helps with gastrointestinal problems, spasms and constipation. 

– Helps purify the blood stream, therefore cleansing our body from impurities and consequently giving us a glowing beautiful skin. 

– Helps increase the immune system. 

2- Incense, simply light it on a burning coal or hot surface, to release its aromatic magic. 


– Brings in tranquility calmness and removes any negativity. 

– Helps to keep mosquitos away

– Used in a smoke cleaning technique for healing crystals. It is a beautiful technique to reprogram a stone or crystal and remove negativity. This particular cleansing process is called “Smudging”. 

3- Submerge 2-3 pieces of Frankincense Resins in water, along with pure rose water, for skin cleansing routine (keep refrigerated).


–       Revitalized and vibrant skin 

4- Chewing on a green or white soft piece of frankincense resin


– For dental and gum hygiene

– Helps relieve and reduce the inflammation of gums

– Reduces inflammation from joints helping people with arthritis. 

Frankincense is a holistic way to wellbeing. At Zproyecto we solely source the royal green Hojari from the Boswellia sacra tree, it is the only frankincense that can be used for health and as an incense.

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