Frankincense to the mind body and soul

Frankincense has been used for generations & decades for its properties in purification & healing.

The benefits are massive. These naturally produced resin tears are magical. 

Frankincense has been forgotten by the newer generation, or should i say the lack of awareness of its benefits have been ignored. In addition everyone now days only look for a quick fix & lack the patience to witness natures’ gift to us.

Life is moving so fast, that all we look for is a quick fix with a fast solution, but what if we stop for a while & think to ourselves, instead of turning to pharmaceuticals and man made elements, for a rapid solution, we instead turn towards nature for our cure.

We all know that natural products require time to take effect, but note once we pass the patience test, the fruit is a lifetime of harmony, saving our money and protecting our well being.   

Burning frankincense has been a tradition in many parts of the world, going back into those traditions and culture, we understand the true essence behind it. The importance in this god created tree “Boswellia Sacra” the Luban/ Frankincense producing tree is massive. 

Frankincense also called olibanum; is a natural tear produced by a tree known as boswellia sacra. Humans use a tapping process to harvest these tears, depending on the season and the time it leaks this luxury, the quality and grade of these tears are measured accordingly.

At Zproyecto we carry only the Omani Hojari Frankincense. We ensure to carry only the royal light green and the white large and medium tears. The aroma from these tears are truly gifting. Although the light green are mostly used as a medicine to consume rather than burn, due to its high monetary value, many who can afford it, burn it solely for the magical aroma.

Burning frankincense into any premises not only does it purify the ambience making the area smell good & welcoming, but it also helps in bringing in tranquillity, harmony and peace.

The sense of calm achieved by burning this incense is incredible.

Frankincense is a natural remedy to anxiety, stress and removing any body heaviness. Once you burn the resin on top of a lit coal, the smoke fills the room with magic, a magic which will truly heal the mind body and soul.

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