Frankincense Purity

Frankincense has been used for centuries. The benefits associated to it are many, i shall list a few as you read.

Frankincense are of many types and quality. They come from various countries such as Oman, Yemen and certain countries from the African continent.

It is known worldwide, that the best frankincense of the highest quality & luxury are sourced from The Sultanate of Oman- Salalah- Dhofar.

The light green frankincense are considered the most expensive type of frankincense, also known as the Royal Green Hojari, since they are very rare to find and usually kept for the royals.

Even if you do source them, the price is triple to four times the White Hojari tears. These are the first tears released by the Frankincense Boswellia Sacra tree. 

In Oman many families use frankincense to purify their homes, offices and environment. Frankincense helps to remove any impurities from an environment, giving the ambience a cleanse. This is done in a form of burning the resin on a lit up coal. To return the spirituality and purity.

Many families from grandparents to great grandparents also used to dissolve the resins in water at night, and drink this water early morning, on an empty stomach for health benefits. Please note I am not a doctor and always seeking a doctors opinion is essential. I am just narrating what my childhood has witnessed. 

Frankincense mixed with rose water was another family secret, i am sharing with you today. This was dabbed with a cotton onto the face, for natural beauty.

My love and importance towards Frankincense, makes me carry this product in my collection.

I am a true believer on : ” Always want the best for others, the same as i would for myself” 

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