As the world keeps developing, technology keeps advancing, in return machines and high tech devices keep being invented & replacing handmade products.

The essence & beauty of handmade products, is slowly & gradually declining.

At Zproyecto our efforts are to keep this essence still alive, we want to encourage handmade products.

The majority of our products are handmade, hand knotted carpets, Hand Painted Canvas, Handicrafts brass and silver home decor items & gifts, handmade jewelry. Around 90% of our product line are solely handmade.

We believe the touch and feel of a handmade product, will never be replaced by a machine made item.

When you glimpse at Zproyecto products, touch and feel them, you will understand. You will realize the value & efforts put into each individual piece.

Most importantly, we are trying to restore the human aspect, put into each product. Ensuring that the art and speciality isn’t lost.

Having a Zproyecto product gives you assurance that your piece is unique, just because of the simple fact that ” It is Handmade”.

Simplified, each handmade product, in the same category or range will have a slight edge to it, in one form or the other, making it a unique piece. In addition, this is one of the main reasons we can custom make your product.

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