How to Clean Silver Naturally

Everyone knows that Silver has the tendency to change color, when exposed to the environment. 

Today i am going to reveal an easy and natural way to de-oxidize silver ornaments in 3 easy steps.

 Yes you heard me right ! “Naturally”. With 3 elements from your kitchen. In only 3 easy steps.

1- Aluminum Foil

2- Sodium Bicarbonate also called Baking Soda

3- Hot Water

3 Easy steps with illustration: 

1- Place the foil onto the base of a Pot, adding in your silver jewelry.

2-Sprinkle the Bicarbonate soda powder on the silver ornaments & jewelry 

3- Add in the Hot water

Wait 10 min.

Yes only within 10 min you will notice your silver to loose all that tarnish and blackness that was accumulated. Looking shiny & brand new again.

Abracadabra, just like magic. Your Silver is back to being new again.  

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