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    Chrysoberyl For Men

    680.00 USD

    A perfect stone to become a perfect champion. It carries all the attributes a man needs in his life. Success, abundance and peace. This is a stone to be worn on a silver ring, on the left hand to grasp every opportunity. Also called a cat’s eye, it attracts wealth, children and happiness. This greenish stone absorbs abundance and its cat’s eye reflection repels negativity & jeolousy. This stone keeps bad at bay and bring only happiness & success. The vibration of this stone resonates perfectly with the masculine energy. A chrysoberyl piezoelectric effect is believed to increase sperm count, sexual activity and erection in men, it also helps reduce prostate disorders in males.


    Crystal Healing Consultations

    78.00 USD

    There are thousands of Crystals gifted by mother nature to mankind, bringing in prosperity, health and happiness. How to figure out which crystal is the best for you? Do not worry we are here to guide you.

    The consultation process is as following :

    Initially we will email you our special questionnaire, this will guide us to understand your needs prior to the crystal healing consultation, upon receiving the questionnaire a zoom consultation will be arranged according to availability. Please note if you do not wish for a zoom consultation, phone consultations are also available, but this will require you to call us and bare all the phone charges. We will confirm with you the time of call and date.

    Book your appointment today, to experience the change.

    Crystal Healing Consultation with Zakiya Al- Zakwani USD 78/ hour


    Tiger’s Eye for Superiority

    50.00 USD

    Item: Blue Tiger’s Eye

    Intention: Success & superiority

    At Zproyecto our blue tiger’s eye bracelet, has been programmed to attract superiority and success in everything you intend to do.

    Say goodbye to all the efforts that bring no expected results, by wearing this bracelet, you will only receive  fruitful and successful results.

    Now is the time to enter that awaited special venture with confidence & great zeal, a perfect crystal for a true entrepreneur.

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