What is a Hand Knotted Carpet?

Hand Persian Knotted Carpet

We all heard of the various terms in the world of carpets. Terms such as machine made carpets, machine knotted rugs, hand made carpets, hand tufted carpets, hand loomed carpets and hand Knotted carpets.

Today i am going to concentrate on giving you an insight about Hand knotted carpets.

Hand Knotted carpets is an ancient art for creating oriental carpets. There are various types of knots from Tibetan, Turkish, Symmetrical & the Persian.

Today I am going to explain more about the Persian Hand Knotted Carpets.

The Persian knots are also known as the Sennah or the Asymmetrical knots. This knotting technique is considered the most valuable amongst them all.

Each Knot is a technique on how the knots are tied into the warps and wefts on the loom. Wefts being the horizontal threads usually made of wool, cotton or silk and the Warps being the vertical threads on a loom usually made up of cotton, due to the durability. Very rare will you find silk as the warps, but some weavers use it.

Warps make up the fringe, these are on the two ends of a hand knotted carpets.

What makes the Persian knots so special? It is the technique in which the weaver knots the yarn, by including the weft and sometimes the weft, in order to squeeze in a large number of knots per square inch, in a very compact and strong manner. Giving a strength to the carpet. In fact this technique of knotting is the strongest amongst all knotting techniques, giving the carpets long life and durability.

At Zproyecto we solely use the Persian knots technique, currently we are concentrating on the range between 100-150 knots per square inch. Although some of our bigger carpets go beyond that range. But the majority and our customized section are only available in the 100-150 KPSI. The Yarn used at Zproyecto are solely yarn of the highest quality Mulberry silk, New Zealand wool and Mohair.

The key point to learn here is that, Persian knots are highly valued knotting technique used for centuries around the world, using this technique of knotting a weaver can increase number of knot count per square inch. In conclusion Persian Hand knotted carpets are considered the best knotting technique with higher quality & definition and this is what justifies its price.

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